Start Your Own Cash Sucking Online Business Today

As a result of the massive increase in popularity on the internet over the past decade or so, internet marketing has taken off in a HUGE way.

Literally anyone can make money on the internet, but only a select few actually turn this ‘money-making interest’ into a full-time business. Some figures suggest that only 5% of people transfer this interest into a full-time business. I would suggest that’s being generous, it wouldn’t surprise me if the real figure was somewhere around less than 1%.

And that’s no surprise with the amount of snake-oil salesman selling ‘get quick-rich’ schemes, destined to make only themselves rich and not people like you.

So how can you ensure that you don’t fall into the same camp as the 95%

(or 99%) of other marketers out there destined for failure? What can you do to dramatically increase your chances of success when the odds are so stacked against you?

The purpose of this guide is to give you every opportunity to overcome the

odds and teach the essentials you need, to not only make money online but to grow a scalable and sustainable business that will provide for you and your family for years to come.

Let’s get started with mindset…


The right mindset is crucial. Someone with the necessary internet marketing skills but lacking the drive and the focus has less chance of becoming successful than someone with fewer skills but a burning desire to succeed.

Whatever your skill level, adopting the “can-do” approach to your business will reap benefits further down the line.

But it can prove difficult when there are so many distractions, can’t it?

Help… Info-Overload!

Login to your email account and you’ll see a ton of emails from marketers selling you the latest “must-have” products”. You need to gain some clarity and control your intake of this information.

The simple fact is that most of what is being sold won’t work for you. In fact

some of it won’t even work at all. Even well-meaning marketers sometimes sell products that have worked for them and often people jump in instantly before they are ready for them.

So here’s my 3 step plan for helping you banish info-overload.

  1. Unsubscribe from all of the marketers that no longer give you value.
  2. Stop buying products that you will never use
  3. Find one product, where you trust the product creator and think you can make a success of the model, and FOLLOW IT all the way through.

When you take action with option 3 DO NOT give up until you have made a success of this method. If you get stuck, email the product creator or post in a forum for help. Some products have their own private forum where you can get the equivalent of mentoring.

Speedy Learning

The internet is a huge never-ending encyclopedia of information. Which is why you need to have the “can-do” mindset, so if you think you can do something, then take action and find out the information you need to do it.

Even better find the person who can help you achieve it.

Most people give up far too easily when the information is out there just waiting for them to grab it.

Take the path of speedy learning. Get the product or information you desire, jump straight in and take massive action. You’ll learn much faster by taking this approach and the feeling of achievement will be more tangible.

Remember… you can know how to do something but until you put that knowledge into action then it is useless!

Entrepreneur Mindset: Even If You Have No Business Skills

Fast-Track Productivity

There is an assumption that with internet marketing you do very little and the money will pour into your PayPal account.

This scenario may become real if you set things up right, but at the start there is a lot of work to be done.

The truth is that every successful internet marketer that I know works very hard. Sorry to burst the bubble here, but its better you learn this now. It does take a lot of work to set-up your own internet marketing business.

To fast-track your way to success it is important that you stay as productive as possible. When you go full-time you will continue with this routine of

productivity, allowing you to make even more money in less time.

This is my 4 step plan for achieving maximum productivity: 1. Switch off all your email alerts – continuously checking emails is the most important tool of the serial procrastinator – only visit your email account once or twice a day. Be VERY strict with this.

  1. Work in stints of one solid hour and then take a break. Focusing on only one task with no distraction will see a dramatic increase in your productivity. This is called batching.
  2. Create your own to-do list so that you to have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve. This will not only drive you but also identify your progress (essential for sustaining motivation) enabling you to tick off each task as you complete it.
  3. Keep a daily review of your progress. Tracking the progress you’re making is, once again, essential for sustaining motivation, Also, if you had a lazy day you can spot it and this should drive you on to make up for it the next day.

Here are some really helpful courses well worth exploring if you think that productivity is going to be a major issue for you.

If you think this is an area you need more work on, here’s a great course on

productivity :

Garry Sayer’s “Simple Productivity System”

Overcoming Problems

Every business has problems but its how you deal with them that makes the difference. Develop a positive outlook and start believing in yourself.

When a problem crops up rather than think “Why does this always happen to me” adopt a positive spin on the situation. Think“How can I overcome

this and make it better”.

Remember, problems are opportunities to learn something new and often valuable.

The brain works in mysterious ways, if you search for a solution to your problem then things you previously overlooked will start jumping out of the page at you. You will either discover the solution or realize that you can change your approach so that the problem never even occurs again.

So the next time you’re feeling down or overwhelmed because a problem has occurred, take 5 minutes out, return with a positive mindset, and start searching for that solution.

Long-Term Success

When you start off with internet marketing you’re maybe looking to generate enough money to just pay the bills. That’s fine, and an encouraging goal, but to achieve success you need to start thinking outside of these boundaries.

For example, don’t just consider the one product you’re creating or promoting. Start thinking about other items someone who purchased your product would need. This will help you to grow your business exponentially.

Ask any marketer and they’ll tell you the most expensive part of marketing (both in time and money) is acquiring customers. It’s much cheaper to get existing customers to buy from you than to get fresh customers.

To do this you need a database of customers that you can contact. The easiest way of doing this is by getting them onto your subscriber list using an autoresponder such as

So take a minute now to write down everything that you are either already doing or going to do. Expand each part to include more products that you can sell to those same people, not forgetting how you can collect their email addresses in order to contact them on multiple occasions in the future.

Then as you start work on each project take time out each week to see if

you are building a business from it, or just trying to make a quick buck!

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There is a core set of essential tools that is required to be successful with internet marketing. Try and learn about every single one listed here.

Ultimately you will need to leverage all of these tools and skills to get the most out of your internet marketing efforts.


Although the idea maybe initially scary you are going to have to do some writing. Don’t panic, because luckily for us it’s a different style of writing to what we were taught at school. On the internet you don’t need to worry too much about 100% perfect grammar you just write how you speak.

Which makes it a lot more fun – and easier to do?

Talking is a natural talent we all have right? We talk to our colleagues, our bosses, our friends and our families. All you have to do is transfer this type of communication into your marketing.

One thing you will need to do is learn how to type, although if the thought of that scares you then there is alternative option.

You could opt to use Voice Recognition Software. The number one respected software in the biz is Dragon Naturally Speaking 11, check it out below:

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Voice recognition basically types what you say, and it’s a lot faster to just talk away letting the computer type it for you. There is a bit of training involved as the software “learns” the cadences and rhythms of your voice but the end results are great.

However, if you’re determined to learn how to type, then there’s a great free resource well worth checking out at

Even when you’re in a position to be able to outsource the content creation that you find boring or difficult, you’ll still need your typing skills for writing emails etc.


When you get started you’re going to need your own website and hosting.

This makes your business look more professional. More importantly than this your “money sites” should be your own.

Don’t 100% rely on Web 2.0 sites (see next section) to host all of your sites and your content. It only takes for your account to be closed for an unexplained reason or a change in the rules and all your hard work is lost.

Just like a traditional “brick and mortar” business, your online business needs somewhere to live that you own. A central website or blog (see later section) should be your main aim. Something you can nurture, build and use to communicate with your visitors, and something that should stay with you as a money-making asset while your business grows.

Getting your own website up and running is actually very easy. There are a ton of free tutorials on the internet and where you can learn HTML.

You can also find a free .html editor here:

A further option extremely popular with internet marketers is to install your own wordpress blog. This allows you to instantly update your site without any .html editing.

Hosting will set you back about $4.95 a month from plus a

.com domain name (the best domain to have) costs only $10 per year and can easily be purchased from

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Web 2.0 Sites

I’ve just discussed the major benefits of owning your own site but leveraging Web 2.0 sites can be an extremely effective way of getting traffic to both your own site and directly to your offers.

So what is a Web 2.0 site?

Here is Wikipedia’s definition

“A Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and collaborate with each other in a social media dialogue as creators of user generated content in a virtual community, in contrast to websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of content that was created for them.”

I like to think of them as sites where the users can generate content themselves and/or comment on content and interact with other users while they are there. This means that you can generate your own content that markets to the people on these sites.

The main advantage to internet marketers is that these sites are huge and constantly updated with lots of links coming into them. As a result they are invariably very powerful in the search engines, meaning you have to do a lot less work to rank in Google than you would with your own site.

One method of incorporating this into your overall marketing strategy is by targeting low competition keyword phrases to get traffic to the page and through your link. They can also be used to give you valuable links to your websites. Web 2.0 sites can give you massive leverage in the search engines.

Here are some of the more popular sites and a description of what they can be used for: – submit your own fan pages. – create your own blog. – submit digital documents which then get published for you. – submit your own articles. – submit your own videos. – create your own page (or lens). – create your own articles and pages


If you don’t have any .html experience (or even if you do) then you may better off opting for a blog. Google has a love affair with the number one blog platform because of the way the pages are laid out and the way the posts are archived etc.

Invariably a WordPress blog will rank higher in the search engine than a static (.html) website.

You do lose some flexibility as WordPress sites can be fiddly and frustrating whereas static websites are very easy to edit.

However, what you lose in flexibility you gain so much more in other areas.

For example, you can add plugins to your blog which effectively streamline and often automate different tasks for you.

If you want visitors to bookmark your post at different social bookmarking sites then you can do so at the click of a button. You can probably also do all the extra stuff that plugins do yourself on a static site but it would need a lot of different scripts, adding etc. With WordPress it’s done almost instantly saving you valuable time.

This blog post details 15 of the most powerful WordPress plug-ins for 2012 :

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These work tirelessly behind the scenes sending out emails to everyone that signs up to your list. You can queue up emails to be sent at set intervals or send a broadcast email when you need to make an important announcement.

Building a list of people (a database) that you can contact is vital. Imagine being able to write one email, send it out over the weekend and generate thousands of dollars of revenue. It can happen and frequently does but you need to start building your list to ever see it in action yourself.

There are figures bandied around that each subscriber is worth $1 a month.

So if you have a thousand subscribers then you should generate $1000 per month.

In my experience it can be more. If you have 1000 customers on your list who have previously purchased from you and trust you then each of them can be worth $2, $3, $5 a month or more.

The truth is it’s not always the quantity of your list, it’s the quality. And if you build a relationship with your list offering content with high value, then your subscribers will stick around longer and be more inclined to buy stuff from you and other products you recommend.

The two most popular and highly recommended autoresponder companies are and

Payment Processors/Affiliate Networks

Now we’re almost at the section where you make money rather than spend it. J

If you’re selling anything online you need someone to process (or take) payments for you. This is the role of the payment processor.

It handles everything for you so all you have to worry about it is driving traffic. I’ll show you how to do that in the next chapter.

Please be aware that there are certain niches such as gambling or adult-orientated that the processors refuse to operate in.

Here are some popular payment processors you can choose from.

Clickbank deserves a mention as not only do they process payments for you but they provide a vibrant and busy marketplace where your product gets increased exposure. This means if you have a sales letter that converts well, then some of the world’s top affiliates may decide to promote your product.

And you know what that means? Lots of money for you!

Let’s move on to affiliate networks…

These pay you every time you refer someone to a site that buys something.

After signing up you are given a special referrer link which means if someone clicks and buys you get paid. Each sale is tracked to your account id so you can log in at any time and see how much money you’re making.

Don’t get too caught up in this. I suggest you login weekly or at the end of your working day as checking affiliate stats can really eat into your time and damage your productivity.

Here is a list of affiliate networks to get you started :

Worth a special mention is Vendors can promote their products using the Rapid Action Profit Script here. Affiliates can earn up to 100% commissions paid instantly to their PayPal account.

To discover even more affiliate networks go to the following site:

Some networks have rules such as, minimum traffic generation before you can apply, whereas others automatically let you in. I suggest you apply for around 10 and you should be accepted by enough to get you started.


Forming relationships with other marketers (or indeed your customers –

recheck the Autoresponder section) can be one of the most profitable

activities you undertake within internet marketing.

Good relationships open the door to highly profitable joint ventures, brainstorming and all kinds of really cool stuff. You never know just how influential your marketing friends will become.

Also look upon it as branding your business. If you’re seen as someone who’s friendly, helpful, professional and genuinely cares about delivering excellent customer service then this will increase people’s perception of you, generate trust and could open many doors for you.

Always give 100% to every email you send, every contact you have and try to form the best relationship every time you meet someone new. You never know what it may lead to.



There are thousands of courses out there about making money online. You can master Facebook marketing, make a full-time living from PLR, flipping websites for fun and profit. The list goes on…

But in reality it all comes down to three different business models.

Why You Must Outsource Your Business

AdSense/Selling Advertising

Although now (wrongly) considered slightly old-hat, AdSense was a phenomenon when it was initially launched. Simply display some Google ads on your sites and when someone clicks thru them you get paid and Google takes their cut.

In reality, it was an automated way of selling advertising space on sites.

A good website is valuable for the number of eyeballs it can get to an offer.

So if you have the traffic coming to your site then you can sell space to people who want to advertise on it.

However, this can be time-consuming. You would frequently have to negotiate, collect the payment, and code the advert on your site, all eating into your valuable time.

AdSense takes care of all this and is shockingly easy to implement. Simply put some code onto your site, just the once, and Google provides highly targeted ads based on what content you have on your page.

Back in the day, the payment per click used to be quite high. However, due to misuse of the system, this has dropped because advertisers were seeing less of a return on their advertising costs. So is AdSense still a viable option?

Yes and no really. It shouldn’t be the only source of your income but used instead to supplement your income. It’s a great way for beginner marketers to start generating money online, to pay the bills and splash out on a nice holiday.

Affiliate Marketing

As discussed briefly in the affiliate network section, affiliate marketing involves driving traffic to someone else’s site and if anyone purchases you get a cut of the sale. The only downside is that you have no control once

they arrive at the merchant’s site or how well the traffic you send converts into buyers.

Let’s take a quick look at the main ways you can encourage people to click-thru your affiliate link to go to the merchant’s site :

  • REVIEW PAGES – Review several products (the ideal number is 3) in a specific niche and make recommendations for which product you think is best. Ensure you have affiliate links for all of the products in case your visitor gets swayed into checking out a product you don’t recommend so highly. Drive traffic to the site and it should result in sales!
  • IN CONTEXT LINKS – When you are writing about something on your blog or your site then put your affiliate link directly into the text. When doing this ensure it doesn’t affect the natural flow of the article
  • BANNER ADS – This is still a very popular form of advertising, especially on blogs. Display a graphical banner ad with a compelling message to click-thru with your affiliate link embedded into it.
  • SMALL TEXT ADVERTS – Control your own site and what comes up on it. Insert small, discrete text ads to promote products.
  • POPUPS – Have you ever been to a site and seen advertising pop-ups?

You may have gone to leave a site only for a pop-up to appear asking

you to stay. Pop-ups are a great way of attracting attention to your adverts.

To get started you need to come up with a plan on how you’re going to send traffic through your affiliate link and then sign-up to one of the networks mentioned earlier.

Another form of affiliate marketing is CPA (Cost Per Action / Cost Per Acquisition). This is where people submit their zip code, telephone number or email address and you get paid per lead. This can be quite lucrative as credit card applications and insurance offers pay $1, $2 (or even much higher) per lead.

However, for the higher payouts, you need to do more work.

Nevertheless, for the simple offers, this can be very effective. For example, if someone was offering a free trial of a product and all they had to do was submit their email address then, with highly targeted marketing, you could generate a nice income stream.

Here is a list of CPA Affiliate Networks you can join:

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is an excellent business model that even inexperienced Internet Marketers can take advantage of.

With this business model, you provide services to offline businesses – all designed to help those businesses to generate sales and profits.

For instance, you might target local restaurants to work with (this model works best with non-chain restaurants that can make their own business decisions). Talk to them, and offer to set up a website for them, showing their menu, photos of happy diners and details of special deals.

You get the restaurant more “foot traffic” and they benefit from increased sales and repeat custom.

Even though setting up a website is a basic skill for an Internet Marketer, you’ll be surprised at how many offline businesses don’t have a website –

and don’t have anyone employed in the house to make one. That is where you come in.

You can easily sell this service for several hundred dollars. That’s nothing to an offline business compared with the cost of Yellow Pages advertising, or taking out an advertising spot in the local newspaper.

Don’t feel you just have to spot at website design. There are lots of other high-value services you can offer as an offline marketer. You can sell mobile marketing services – that is, you set up versions of a website that work on a cell phone. You can also sell lead capturing services, where you get potential customers to put in their name and email address in order to collect a discount or win a free meal. The restaurant can contact those customers regularly with offers.

There are many other business types beyond restaurants that you can sell offline marketing services to. Just pick up the Yellow Pages and look at any type of business that advertises in there. You could speak to local florists, dentists, handymen, bathroom fitters or gardeners – the list is endless.

Here are some more great ideas for getting started with offline marketing:

Product Creation

This is a hugely popular business model because unlike affiliate marketing you get 100% of each sale generated by you. You can also recruit affiliates to promote for you and give them a cut of the sale. Generally the lower the price point of the product the greater the percentage commission paid to affiliates.

For example, if you’re selling a $7 ebook with only 50% commissions then affiliates are hardly going to break their backs generating traffic to your site whereas if you offered 100% commissions they may be more tempted.

When starting out you’re better off selling digital information products rather than physical products. You won’t need to hold any real “stock” and delivery is instant so you don’t need to leave the house and do any dispatching.

To get some great ideas for your Info-Products check out these sites

There are also a variety of different info-products you can create. Here’s a list to get you thinking:

  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Interview products – interview an expert in your niche.
  • Software and scripts etc.
  • Coaching/mentoring
  • Membership sites

The most important part is your sales letter. This is where you will be selling your product so it makes a lot of sense to learn some copywriting skills or outsource it — this can be an expensive option as copywriters charge a premium for their services and are happy to do so.

Here are some great copywriter’s sites full of awesome free information and expert opinion :


There are certain tasks you should be doing every day to grow your business, like creating content, building backlinks, etc. However, as you start to find money regularly coming in you can reinvest some back into outsourcing either all or some of these tasks.

This will free up more of your time allowing you to be more creative and come up with lots of new marketing ideas for growing your business.

Why You Must Outsource Your Business


I could have written a large ebook on traffic and yet still omitted tons of traffic techniques. To be honest, there are a lot of different traffic generating strategies out there, some work better than others whilst some only work for a short period of time.

Rather than detail lots of them, I’ve decided to give you four proven and evergreen traffic generating strategies that have made millionaires of many online entrepreneurs.

Article Marketing

Articles are a great way to connect with people and also an effective way of

“warming” your reader up before they visit your site. Whilst reading articles folks build a relationship with the writer and are more inclined to click-thru to the writer’s site if they enjoy what they read.

When they land at your site they are a “warm” prospect as they feel they know you a bit better than some faceless corporation – this should hopefully translate into more sales!

It’s also worth considering that if you actively get into article marketing then lots of your articles will be available on the internet. So for example if your niche is alternative medicine and you have a whole range of articles on this subject then people will start to see you as an authority figure because of it.

Folks buy from authority figures because they believe they are people that have the knowledge and offer solutions that help them.

Best of all… article marketing is 100% free and doesn’t cost you a penny.

This is why many marketers choose it as their main supply of traffic generation.

Basically article marketing works as follows :

  1. You write an article (a minimum of 400-500 words).
  2. You submit it to article directories who host the article for you.
  3. Other sites can come in and grab your article and publish it on their site.
  4. At the bottom of your article is the “bio box” where is essentially your advert and includes a link to your site.
  5. Someone comes along and reads your article, gets value from it, clicks-thru to your site and you hopefully make money.

There are two strategies to article marketing: you need to try and get as many people as possible to click-thru your article, the other is you need to get your article ranked in the search engines for a specific keyword so you get consistent traffic to them.

We’ll look at both strategies starting with:


The moment you submit an article and it gets approved you’ll get automatic traffic to it. This may be other writers browsing the article directories and your article catches their eye or maybe webmasters looking for fresh content for their sites.

Either way, the key to getting as many people as possible to read your article is choosing a hot market, and having an attention-grabbing headline.

Such as – “7 Weird Tips On How To Lose Weight in 10 Days” – this is something I just made up but you get the idea.

However, this is not as effective as the second strategy.


After a short time while using the above strategy your traffic will dwindle away to nothing. The best way to combat this is to get rankings in the search engines and filter through all the free traffic to your site via your “bio box”.

There’s a lot of contrasting information written about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But one thing that definitely helps is by having the keyword you are targeting in your title. The length of your title is also important. If you drown your keywords with lots of extra words this will damage your ranking.

Ideally you want to aim for a keyword that, when typed into Google with quotes around it, produces around 20,000 results. Maybe more, it depends on what directory you are using ( is worth the effort, but, and also rank reasonably well) and the market you are targeting.

So referring back to my attention-grabbing headline “7 Weird Tips On How To Lose Weight In 10 days”, as an example, let’s use the phrase “lose weight in 10 days” as our targeted keyword. Well, it gets about 170 exact searches a day but it has over 110,000 results in Google when typed in quotes. However…

A quick look down and you’ll see article sites ranking on the first page for this very term, so we know it’s achievable. Check it out yourself? J

Sometimes the dilemma is fitting the keyword into your article title. We don’t have this problem with our example but it can happen. Also, for optimum SEO ensure your main keyword is seamlessly dripped into your article every 100-150 words or so.

Article marketing is free so give it a try yourself. J

Web 2.0 Sites

New sites generally need time and reputation before they start ranking in the search engines. Web 2.0 sites like can have you ranking well for a low-competition keyword in only hours.

So use your preferred keyword tool and find some low competition keywords in your niche, create a lens (a page) on a site that includes your keyword a few times including the title and publish it. Then get a few links to the page with your keyword as the anchor phrase and monitor where your lens ranks in the search engines.

Sometimes you’ll get to the top of the search engines, other times you’ll need to build more links and sometimes no matter how much work you do you’ll get nowhere near page 1 of Google. It could be the keyword or even the market that has unique factors required by Google that just aren’t present normally on these sites.

Test and see what works for you. If you find a keyword or a market where you rank consistently in page 1 of Google then simply rinse and repeat.

Don’t waste time on duds, as an entrepreneur you need to make decisions like this for the good of your business. is also a web 2.0, highly thought of by the search engines and well worth the time creating similar pages.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This is difficult to master and can be expensive to learn but catches your prospects at the right time while searching for information. Adwords is the Google PPC engine and the most popular so I’ll concentrate on that here.

The first way of using PPC is placement advertising. This is fairly targeted advertising and involves putting your ad on other sites related to your keywords. For example, if someone is on a site about alternative medicine then they’ve already shown an interest, so could be swayed into clicking-thru your ad and check out your alternative medicine product.

The more popular method is keyword targeting. Say someone is searching for “Where can I buy alternative medicine”. This person is the best kind of prospect because they’re looking for information AND they’re in a buying mood. All you need to do is direct them to your site so that they buy.

Finding the best keywords and running profitable campaigns takes time. You can’t expect to jump in and start making money straight away. There is a lot of trial and error involved, although if you stumble across keywords that produce profitable campaigns, then stick with them.

Another tip is to send traffic to review sites to presell your prospects, and if you can, try to collect their email address so you can sell to them again.

Then split, twist and tweak to achieve maximum conversions from both your PPC campaigns and your landing (lead-capture) page.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing can be a free or paid traffic generation method.

According to, Facebook is the second most visited site in the world (behind only Google). Many people are permanently logged into

Facebook. They’re engaged with posting status updates and chatting with friends.

For free traffic, you can set up a Facebook Page at This acts a lot of like a Facebook profile, but can be used to promote a particular product or service.

For instance, if you have created a website related to “green skateboards”, you could create a Facebook Page called “Green Skateboard Fans”.

Use this page to post information about “green skateboards”, as well as provide links to your site and the special offers you make. You don’t want to make this an all-out commercial page. Be slightly more subtle about it than that.

Paid advertising on Facebook is a specialized version of PPC advertising. You can use the vast amount of data that Facebook stores about its users to get visitors to your sites for pennies a time.

To get started with advertising on Facebook, go to Then select the “Create An Advert” option.

This will take you through a list of options designed to set up an advert. You can choose to run a Sponsored Story, which means that you are promoting one of your own Facebook status updates. Or you can select Facebook Adverts, which allows you to promote an external site. The advert will be

displayed in the right column of the page that your customers see when they’re logged in.

You can set a maximum daily budget for your advertising and make sure that it’s only displayed to the most specialized Facebook users (those ones who will most likely buy from you or visit your site). You can target your advert through lots of different factors, including age, gender, and location.

Most usefully, you can target these adverts based on the interests of Facebook users.

Location targeting is a good way to test your advert without spending lots of money. Choose one very specific town or city and set your ad to only display to those Facebook users. Then measure how successful the advert is. Once the advert starts getting clicks, it’s ready to roll out to a wider geographical base.

As well as directing clicks to an external web site, you can also direct them to a Facebook page. This works well, as Facebook users prefer to stay within Facebook. Encourage them to “Like” your page. This means that they will see your messages appearing within their News Feed and you’re getting to market to them multiple times for the cost of a single click.

A lot of Facebook advertising comes down to trying out new things.

Experiment with different advertising text and make sure you include an eye-catching picture to go with your advert. Track all the numbers and once

you find a successful advert, make sure that you go all out with it.

Entrepreneur Mindset: Even If You Have No Business Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the process of building and changing a site so the search engines deem to be relevant for the keywords you are targeting. The result is you get increased traffic and sales.

The first thing you need to do is find a source of information you can trust so you can take it all in and apply it to your sites. There is a lot of misinformation written about SEO. A great place to bookmark and study is Google’s own YouTube channel where you get the facts from source : .

The basic fundamentals of SEO involve making a site relevant to your market, building and creating quality keyword-rich content – make sure the title of the page and the meta tags include the keyword you are targeting –

and then building targeted backlinks to your site.

Those are the basics and by following this simple strategy a lot of internet marketers have become very wealthy. One thing you need to remember is that SEO is a long-term strategy. Be wary of trying new methods that “trick”

the search engines because when they discover they have been tricked (and they will) they’ll take a very dim view and damage your rankings.

Look to befriend the search engines using these simple SEO fundamentals whilst creating content your target market will enjoy and benefit from.

Another key factor is how your site is laid out. Many marketers worry too much about backlinks to their detriment. Link your internal pages together,

“silo” your content so there are multiple silos (categories) of information but on the same site. Like having a cat site, but having one section just on Siamese cats that links to Siamese information.

Tighten up your linking structure as some of it can be counter-productive.

Find any links either going to external pages or internal pages that you don’t need to rank for anything (like the ‘sitemap’ or the ‘about us’ page) and add the code rel=”nofollow” to the code for the link. This will stop you losing PageRank which is Google’s measure of your site’s popularity and authority.

Three great sites to start your SEO education are below :


You’re now armed with all the skills and tools you need for internet marketing success. If you are just starting out I suggest you read through this again and take down some notes.

Head over to the and read about what people are discussing and feel free to join up and ask some questions yourself.

There’s a ton of private forums and membership sites out there, after joining you get free product downloads plus if they’re run well it’s a tighter-knit community. This means you can feel less embarrassed asking newbie related questions, even if you’re an experienced marketer but know nothing about that particular subject.

Affiliate marketing is a great place to start and get your feet wet with internet marketing. You can learn more about affiliate networks, getting traffic, building websites, Web 2.0 sites, popular markets and the most valuable skill you can ever learn as an internet marketer, how to write to ensure conversions.

Document your progress, the stuff you learn, the steps you take and when you find something profitable you could always create and release a WSO as a Case Study. You’ll need to join up with the War Room first which is a $37 investment and easily worth it.

Don’t, however, put all your eggs in one basket and stick to one market as you don’t know when that market will evolve into something different or completely fizzle away. Try other markets and if you have a successful product in a market consider affiliate marketing in that niche too as you already know it contains buyers.

Most of all, remember you can do this!

Don’t waste your money on shiny objects you have no need for. Stick to the essentials, continue your education, try things but always test and track your results and learn from your experiences.

If you have some money to invest in your business consider getting a mentor, they’re great for accountability and always there to hold your hand and give proven advice. Be careful who you choose – beware of the snake oil salesman because there’s a lot of them out there.

One thing you will need to get used to doing is making decisions, so what are you waiting for? Get started right now!!

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